St John's Methodist Chapel. 2000AD.

Extensive planning of improvements to the chapel began in 2000 and were completed in 2002. Much of the character of the building has been retained, whilst making it more suited to 21st century needs. The interior shown here is little altered since the beginning of the 20th Century, though these photographs were taken as work was about to begin - hence the absence of carpets.

Notice how every seat in the building has a direct line of sight to the pulpit, emphasizing the importance of preaching in the Methodist tradition. Notice too the steps and its height. Some preachers were reluctant to use it because of the height and older ones had difficulty mounting the steps. The current pulpit is cut down from this one and can be moved around the communion area.

The box pews are typical of their age - and very useful for keeping young children confined within the church during services! Nowadays this is less of an issue and a children's corner with toys etc has been created within the building.

  View from the gallery
 View from the opposite   side
Box pews from rear entrance.
Communion Area
Box Pews from front