Hayfield is in North Derbyshire on the edge of the Peak District National Park on the A624 between Buxton and Glossop. The church is about 100 yards from the junction with the A6015 to New Mills.

There are good public transport links to both Manchester and Sheffield. We are an important tourist centre, particularly at week-ends and bank holidays, when large numbers of people are welcomed to share our enjoyment of the surrounding landscape. Nearby is the Kinder massif - a small mountain - which must be treated with respect especially in bad weather.

Nearby churches

Methodist neighbours (on the net) are Marple Methodist church,  the churches of the Glossop circuit ,the Buxton circuit.  and our own High Peak circuitDisley Baptist> is about 4 miles away.  We have a covenant with our local parish church - St. Matthew's and with St Mary’s Church, New Mills our nearest Roman Catholic church.

Community Links.

Like most Peakland villages we have a number of traditional customs and events. The most popular of these being the May Queen Festival, the Flower Festival, Well Dressing and the Sheepdog Trials, all of which draw visitors from many miles around. These websites, give details of local events and attractions. Alternatively, there is an Information Centre near the bus station or the Library on Kinder road.


The official parish council site.


Historical archive of all things Hayfield


Our Borough site


Our County site


This is the site of our local creative artists.


Has details of accommodation and events in our area.

In addition many Hayfield organisations such as the Mayqueen, and Sheep dog Trials have their own Facebook pages. Hayfield Community Diary is a new Facebook page where most local events are advertised.

Photo galleries : [The Chapel 2000]  ;  [The Chapel Now] ; Events Archive