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Home group

Home Group Bible study

Our home group meets in term time, Wednesday evenings at 8pm. There are 9 regulars, with an average attendance of 7, so there’s room for more,if you are interested. It's members come from mainstream Christian traditions.
The evenings start and finish with informal chat. Tea and biscuits are provided and we include a short prayer time.
YouTube videos or DVD's are occasionally used especially, if last minute changes prove necessary. Leadership varies week by week, usually led by local clergy supported by our own members. Colin Smith facilitates, co-ordinates and some times leads the group.

Rudyard lake trip out

 We are always looking for a suitable trip out or guest session leaders, and welcome suggestions. The photograph shows some of us waiting for the train to take us to the far end of Rudyard lake on our 2015 day out. This year we have been out for an evening, meal together at a local Italian restaurant

We are have recently completed a short series led by our minister on issues around the cross and its meaning for us today. Following our summer break we will follow a programme which incorporates, a study of the book of Jonah – this year's national Bible week study book – and a number of social justice issues. We recommence our meetings on Wednesday 19th September, continuing on Wednesday evenings until our last meeting before our Christmas break on Wednesday 5th December. Full details of the draft programme can be seen below.

19th Sept

Jonah 1 The God who Pursues

Rev Kerry

26th Sept

Rivers of Justice in the Old Testament 
(At Sunnydale, off New Mills road)


3rd Oct

Rivers of Justice in Jesus


10th Oct

Jonah 2 Out of the Depths

Rev Kerry

17th Oct

Jonah 3 Mission accomplished

Rev Kerry

24th Oct

Jonah 4 A mixed up Missionary  
(Venue to be arranged)

Rev Kerry

31st Oct

Rivers of justice in the early church

Rev John

7th Nov

The earth is the Lords - caring for God's earth

Rev John

14th Nov

An old problem with a new twist - Trade and Debt


21st Nov

Money - It makes the World go Around

Rev John

28th Nov

Learning the Art of Contentment.

Rev John

5th Dec

DIY Christmas party


We will be using the Bible Study Guide entitled "Rivers of Justice" by Ruth Valerio, published by CWR to guide us, and the Bible month resource On the book of "Jonah" published by the Methodist Church.

We will go at our own pace and may therefore be further ahead or behind the above schedule at any one time. 

8pm at Sheila's as usual. Except as specified.