The May Queen attends worship at St Johns.

A major event in our village is the May queen festival held annually in  mid May. In the 1930's, when it started, it raised much needed funds funds for the local hospital - absolutely essential in pre NHS days. Today money raised goes to local charities chosen annually by the organising committee. However it remains, as it always has been,  a week of fun for all the family.

Part of the tradition is that the May queen with her retinue attends Sunday worship at the church of her choice. The 2013 May queen, Sheridan and her family, have long associations with St Johns. It was therefore a double delight to welcome her to evening worship on Sunday 19th May 2013.

We hope these images convey something of the flavour of the occasion.

Thornsett Band arrives
May queen and attendants.
The retinue turns into New Mills Road
The podium with images of last years "Royalty".
The congregation settles before the start.
An attentive congregation
A variety of responses
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